Barica Marentič Požarnik, prof. emer., (
Faculty of Arts, Aškerčeva 2,
University of Ljubljana,

Born 1940 in Ljubljana, Slovenia;

B.A. 1(962) in Psychology and Education, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana; Ph.D. in Psychology (Learning Strategies of Secondary School Pupils – 1971), Faculty of Arts,  University of Ljubljana;

Ph.D. in Education (Models of Staff Development to Improve University Teaching, 1994), Faculty of Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Studies  abroad:

  • ITDP  Fulbright, USA – 6 months (1966/67);
  • Institute of Education,  Norway (1965 – 2 months),
  • DAAD Germany  (1974 – 4 months).

Work experience:

  • from 1971 university teacher (full professor since 1989) at the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana ( teaching Educational Psychology for undergraduate and graduate students of education and student teachers); prof. emer. in 2005.
  • research associate at the Institute of Education in Ljubljana (1965-1971)
  • research assistant at the Board of Education (1962-1965).


  • proficient in English, French, German, Croate;
  • reading proficiency: Russian, Italian

Areas of professional interest and activity:

New forms of  teaching and learning;  learning styles; experiential learning; conceptions of teaching and learning; teacher education and action research;  environmental education; staff development, improving university teaching.

Research and publications in Slovene and English:

(co) Author of 14 monographs, author of cca 270 articles

Training experiences:

Organiser and trainer in numerous inservice workshops for teachers (of different levels) and for university staff (yearly workshops,  organiser of 12 international summer schools  on Improving university teaching with international experts).

International activities:

  • national coordinator in  CEPES/UNESCO (European Network for Staff Development in Higher Education) -1985-1992,
  • national coordinator in OECD/CERI  project ENSI – Environment and School Initiatives  Project(1990-1995),
  • coordinator of the  TEMPUS project Improving teaching and learning in higher education (1990-1991).
  • coordinator of the project of European social fund: Partnership  between faculties and schools in teacher education (2004-2005).
  • national coordinator in the Socrates Erasmus project NETTLE (Network of European Tertiary Level Educators (2005-2008)

Publications in English:

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